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Est: Peakütt

When it comes to corporate headhunters, Vincent Palmer (Christian Slater, True Romance) is the high-tech industry's go-to guy. For a million-dollar retainer, he always gets his man, whether the prospect wants to change jobs or not. Vincent never takes no for an answer and will do whatever it takes, be it more money, additional perks or the cold-blooded murder of a family member to make a deal. So when Viztrax executive Ben Keats (Gil Bellows, TV's Ally McBeal ) repeatedly turns down Vincent's offer to join a rival firm, the psychotic recruiter resorts to harassment, terrorism and violence to get him to change his mind. Only when Vincent promises to kill Keats' wife and young daughter, does Ben finally realize that when dealing with a man like Vincent Palmer, he really only has two choices: take the job or do a little headhunting himself.

Audio: English (inglise), Latvian (läti), Lithuanian (leedu), Russian (vene)

Subtitles: Latvian (läti), Lithuanian (leedu), Russian (vene), Estonian (eesti)

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