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Little Book of Pause

Little Book of Pause

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Author: Danielle Marchant

Pages: 96

The Little Book of Pause is a beautiful collection of short guided mindfulness and meditation practices for busy people. It will teach you in less than 10 minutes a day how to bring the power of pausing into everyday life and all the situations you are faced with.

The guided 'pauses' are divided into:
  • Pause for Calm
  • Pause for Vitality
  • Pause for Restful Sleep
  • Pause for Perspective
  • Pause for Clarity
  • Pause for Gratitude
  • Pause for Technology
The Little Book of Pause gives you a sense of time and space in which you can listen to the whispers of your heart. It allows you to breathe deeply again and be fully present in your life.
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