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A Coffee Break Story Collection

A Coffee Break Story Collection

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Author: Sally Jenkins

Pages: 223

Three of Sally Jenkins’ short story collections brought together in one bumper volume!

This compilation contains all 36 stories previously published in Sally’s individual collections, One Day for Me , Old Friends and House Guests . Enjoy tales with a twist, competition-winning prose and gentler slices of life, with a hint of romance.Many of these successful stories were selected for inclusion in UK publications such as The Weekly News, My Weekly and The People’s Friend.

“ Sally Jenkins knows how to build a story. She takes the mundane, and makes it intriguing. She hooks the reader, and reels him in ... her capacity for twisting each tale's ending is nothing short of phenomenal. ” - US Readers’ Favorite Book Review Website.

Delve inside and discover how the past catches up with a government minister. Read a tale of TV talent shows and first love. And experience a school French exchange visit with a difference …

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