A new life for used books

What are used books?

For some reason, used books often have a terrible reputation. Why would I want someone's old book? How about we think about them differently: they are books with experience that have seen life!
As soon as you buy a new book and bring it home, it becomes a used book. This means they have been used by someone else before. Many people take care of their books. They don't turn the corners or touch them with clammy hands. We are happy to accept these books for sale in our van. And buying them is also good for the environment.
A story written in a book is as interesting in an old book as it was in a new book. Books are meant to be read. So let's read them!

What to do with used books?

The aim of the Ratastega Raamatud initiative is to give used books a new life, thereby supporting a culture of recycling and promoting literature.
It often happens that books are bought or given as a gift, which are read once and then sit on the shelf. Sometimes there are so many of them that you don't know what to do with them. Maybe they're even lying in boxes in your basement.
There are ways to deal with these books. Used books can be sold online or even given away for free, but this means that you have to deal with strangers and invite them to your home to pick up the books. Quite a bit of hassle for a few euros!
Donating is also an option, but in this case, you have to find the time to deliver the books to the collection points.
But there is another possibility. The Ratastega Raamatud van will be happy to receive them! Just let us know if you want to donate books and we'll arrange a time and place to pick them up. In return, you can also choose a book of your choice from us!

What will happen to these books?

We go through all the donated books individually and check that they are in good condition. We use the principle 'if we wouldn't buy it ourselves, we won't sell it'. With each book, we go through the following steps:
  1. If possible, we remove old stickers and labels.
  2. We leaf through the books to take out old bookmarks and other items (papers, pictures, dried flowers, etc.)
  3. If necessary, we clean off dirt.
  4. We price and add to the catalog.
Only when the book has gone through these steps can we put it on the shelf for sale.

To donate books, contact us by email at annette@ratastegaramatud.ee.

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